Sunday, January 18, 2015

One of those happy coincidences

A few days again a local friend sent me an e-mail enquiring as to my current bath and shower renovations and saying “What is your blood sugar level like these days?   All that stress can't be doing it any good, so I wonder whether an unopened 250g box of FEMINA chocs would be of any use to you (can't remember whether you eat chocs or not) and\or a cute little tin of salted butter caramels.”

I replied: on the chocolates – thanks, but no thanks, I’m fussy and currently only eating dark chocolate, but that the salty butter caramels would be more than welcome.

She duly deposited them in my “milk” box (European letter boxes have two parts: one for the letters and another for packages, they call them the milk box as they resemble the ones used back in the day for the milkman to deposit fresh milk). I recuperated them and of course had to try – delicious, I mean really good.

It was a good 24 hours later however that I took a closer look at the “cute” tin, only to realize that it came from one of the best Parisian tea rooms: Angelina.

That brought back a flood of good memories of the meal taken there whilst visiting Paris with friends this past summer. Remember Miss Betty? We had lunch at Angelina’s after our visit to the Louvre.

One of those very happy coincidences: going to celebrate by having another salty butter caramel!

Angelina'a rue Rivoli, Paris, France