Thursday, January 15, 2015

It’s a frustraneous day

Thought that it was about time for one of those big words: aren’t you grateful that I don’t wax eloquent everyday with my Word-a-Day?

Now I know that most of you are thinking, yep, me too, it’s a frustrating day. But no, that
Is not the meaning of frustraneous, although it could indeed be frustrating to have a frustraneous day.

Have I tweaked your interest? Made you head for the dictionary (yes, on-line of course)? Or just have you thinking, o.k. I’m going to give up on her blogs?

Frustraneous, which I almost wrote Trustaneous - hmmmm, wonder if that’s a word – simply means useless or unprofitable. Who knew?

By-the-way thanks to that typing error (trustaneous) I then had to check out all the other possibilities: although crustaneous exhists all (brustaneous, etc.) the rest came up with “you have your ‘family’ filter on, which may prevent you from getting results”, like I would be looking up dirty words!

But back to the useless or unprofitable: by now you have more than gotten the point, my day up until this moment (and most likely thereafter as well) has not been a model of accomplishing tasks or making money.  That is unless having coffee with acquaintances, answering e-mails, organizing dates and getting my in-box down to 99 messages counts.

Tonight is the village’s annual New Year’s party so perhaps before day’s end I will have done something useful or profitable, for now the charts read day 100, me 0.