Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Things happening all over or…

Whoever said that nothing ever happens in Geneva, wasn’t in town this weekend!
Saturday I had to dash into town to pick up a map that had finally arrived at one of the local bookstores. As luck would have it – the Genevan police were celebrating their 200th anniversary: one could watch them take care of a suspicious package; parade some of the more spectacular cars and motorcycles; attend “rescue” operations; sign up to become a policeperson or listen to the music – now I would love to have those policemen on duty in some of the neighbourhoods – the singer even had a decent voice!

In the afternoon I went down to the next village where they were also officially opening the bypass tunnel to the population and celebrating with the usual drink, hotdog and dessert stands. Didn’t stay long as hadn’t properly gotten off the ground yet.

Sunday I needed to pick someone up at the train station – and wow a Geneva I have never seen. The new station was being officially opened to the public (inauguration with the politicians had taken place some time before) and they had invited the Music School to provide the entertainment – chorales, ensembles, musicians of all sorts all over the place: I enjoyed some great jazz/gypsy music whilst waiting ( – almost regretted not being able to check out the other spots around town.

Monday – now talk about what is usually a totally dead day: it was. Only made the mad dash all the way across town to check out sofa beds for the attic. On the return as there was going to be traffic anyway, made a small detour and picked up burritos: yes you read correctly, we finally have a sort of Tex-Mex fast food that actually resembles that which we know and love.

Today, I needed to again go into town (for much less entertaining, excuse the pun, reasons – the dentist). Afterwards I went down the main tramline to do a couple of errands (o.k. to get some card stock and pick up chocolates to console myself!). On one of the main squares a pianist who’s goal is to compose and play in public: a cross between classical music and what I believe is now called a “happening” or artistic “performance”: A lovely interlude.

Julian Layn, Swiss composer and pianist

Julian Layn, Swiss composer and pianist

Julian Layn, Swiss composer and pianist
Who knows what’s on for tomorrow – I intend heading back up to the mountains where the main entertainment is cows in the fields and clouds in the skies.

Lakefront in Corsier, Switzerland