Monday, September 1, 2014

A walk, my version, plus walk 2

Having had a (very) leisurely Sunday morning at 11 I finally decided that perhaps I should go and check out the painters on the square by the music building: skyped my housemate to let her know (well actually skyped her husband and she didn’t seem to be on) and took off. Arrived at the square – big deception – no painters, but it did turn up housemate and husband together with another friend (who is flying off tomorrow, so glad I got to see her today).

They were off on a walk, including an area that I had not yet seen so tagged along.
Of this particular walk I only took a few pictures. Note the lushness of the riverbed (end August and I have never seen it this green!) and the blueness of the sky: a slight wind making the whole thing a great day to be out for a walk.

bull rushes, cat 'o nine tails, whatever ...

river bed on the last day of August - should be brown

the flowers, the sky - the colors are very bright

corner mirror in the village of Argelès-sur-Mer

I left them still meandering as I needed to get to the store for some sparkling water for our guests tonight, then after circling and circling wanting to drop the water off at their place, gave up and lugged it up the stairs, presuming (rightly as it turns out) that they had run into more friends and stopped along the way: even I rarely make it out the door without running into someone that I know.

After a light lunch I decided that I really should go down to the beach at least once (everyone knows that my favorite place is the mountains, but if one is near the beach, one should at least see it!) so off on walk two. This time it was the architecture and in particular, the cornices of the houses in the village that caught my attention. What a variety, what beauty.

wonder why the point? why the kind of arrow?

New Orleans wrought iron

left window - glass; right old-fashioned wood and brick

intricate patterns for the grills

fairly typical balcomney and cornices

of times past

two separate cornices: top - wood; bottom ceramic

you kind of wonder what the builder was taking when he did this one!

Once at the beach checked on my favorite stores then caught the tourist train back to the center of the village.