Thursday, September 11, 2014

Holidays and Sundays =

Clean out the refrigerator or freezer days!

Not quite sure why it is, but I never seem to actually plan cleaning out either the fridge or the freezer: I just have breakfast at home, then all of a sudden think “bing” “light bulb”, “oh, I could clean the fridge/freezer”.

There seems to be no rhyme nor reason, but maybe there doesn’t need to be one.

Today (the only people in the world who have this holiday: “Jeune Genevois” are those of us living in the canton of Geneva: an official “fasting” day is enjoyed by the rest of the Swiss on another Monday in September, but we have it the first Thurs. after the first Sunday of September) I can legally (oh the things we need to justify our holidays or taking time off from the “normal” daily activities, but that’s another blog) not do my usual so clean the refrigerator it was.

Things are now, not only clean, but also neat, tidy and labeled (have I taken it a step too far?) so I’ll probably reward myself with a walk up to a junk fast-food joint (no names shall cross my lips).

But first I had perhaps better go get dressed: yep that seems to be part of the pattern as I can’t remember ever cleaning the refrigerator on purpose or after I have gotten dressed for the day: somehow it is always linked with Sunday or a holiday and follows having breakfast at home (those of you who know my daily patterns will also realize that refrigerators and freezers obviously don’t get cleaned often in my house!).

Thank goodness for Holidays and Sundays, without which the funny, fuzzy things inhabiting my refrigerator would be even more unidentifiable!

Before - although I had already cleaned one shelf before I thought to take the picture.

some of the condiment assortment

After: clean, labelled, neat.