Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Indifferent, the Good and the Bad

Take two.
The Indifferent: although I posted yesterday that there was no indifferent, that was, and surely is, never exactly true. Most of our daily lives comprise an extraordinary amount of the “indifferent”: tasks, people, food that are neither good, nor bad, simply ordinary.
Those whom we perceive as having “exciting” lives still have to deal with problems, health issues and losses of all kinds. And those who think that their lives are exciting can really only claim that for themselves as most others will not necessarily agree. Your exciting can be my dull and vice versa (o.k. I think my life is exciting, so much the better for me, but yours is as well if you stop and consider it).
So indifferent at the moment: plenty!

The Good: ah, today is an excellent day
·       Sun still shining
·       My landlord gave me a pair of her sunglasses (as we all do, she has one pair that she always uses and 4 or 5 that are just taking up space in a drawer as not suitable for one reason or the other – we, ok at least me – are so wasteful. We hold on to things hoping that we will find someone else or some other use to offload our extras. Raised in a generation that considered wasting anything a sacrilege, it is hard now as adults to let go of that which we have accumulated.
·       A lovely surprise for said landlord: we had discussed going to lunch together, but I want to go into town and said no. I was on the point of telling her that I had changed my mind when I ran into her grandson biking up the hill – a surprise visit. She will be so pleased and we’ll have lunch another day.

The Bad: yeah – nothing today.

Still enjoying the flowers, the views and the sun.