Sunday, September 28, 2014

Supporting a sportive

Friday night was the annual dinner in honor of and support for a young Swiss Motocross champion: Kevin Biffiger. (

Kevin Biffiger with his grandmother
In the past it has been in February or March and I have always returned to spend that weekend with my landlords to attend (he is my landlord’s grandson), staying with them and we often had a group of 10. This year they waited until the season had ended – unfortunately he had had a bad accident on the circuit and broken his leg necessitating staying out of the races for some 18 months – to make sure that things were going “normally”.

Returning after such a long absence wasn’t easy, but he had managed to get back up to the 8th place by the end of the season.

A lovely evening of delicious food, great entertainment and a tombola with many prizes -including a week in Sardinia (one of the friends of the family is an Italian who has a hotel in Sardinia: they spend time in Italy preparing for races and he, Piero, regularly attends the dinners).

We bought many tickets hoping to win that particular trip, but in the end it was a young man. I wasn’t unhappy not to win the roller blades or hedge cutter! Never mind, next year is another year.