Wednesday, September 10, 2014

“I’ve got a screw missing” or

What happens when one’s housemate loses a screw…
to her glasses (what did you think?!).

We had enjoyed another of our spontaneous, “how about a DVD?” and immediate approval when that was widened to “popcorn? Champagne?”  Somehow we never have a problem being in sync when it involves some of our favorite things.

We, again of a common accord, stopped a bit early both having had tiring days and started to put away chairs, trays, dishes and the like.

All of a sudden “oh no, my glasses – the only ones with which I can see well – have just fallen apart” came from my housemate. To make matters worse, we were 22:30 and she was leaving on a trip the next day.  No problem I thought to myself when I realized that it was only the screw, which holds the stem to the glasses that was missing and that in actuality nothing was broken. Having had the same problem often enough in my life, I knew that somewhere in the house I had a repair kit:

Well: first that had to be found – check
Secondly, the package (a new one) had to be opened – struggle – check
Thirdly, the small screw driver had a capsule containing replacement screws that had to be opened – without strewing said screws all over the place – difficult – check
Fourthly – the screw I actually wanted was at the top and the two below it wouldn’t budge (not with a tooth pick, not with tweezers, not with violent shaking): never mind the one screw, which came out at the beginning would have to do
Fifth – try and line up hinge on glasses to temple piece
Sixth – re-try
Seventh – re-try
Eighth – re-try …
Ad nauseum

And once lined up try and put in tiny screw.
And re-try, and re-try and swear and re-try. Followed by twenty or more tries at swearing and re-trying.
The main problem being that the screw was shorter than the frame that extended beyond the hinge so it was aim, drop and hope. Also the screwdriver didn’t have a magnetic head, which would have facilitated things.

Perseverance, more swearing, laughing about how it took two and we weren’t managing, stopped counting the number of times the screw dropped into the sink (yes, we had been smart and shut both sinks drain holes). Housemate was rightly proud that she caught it in her hands at least a dozen times thus saving us the recuperating it from the sink – a whole 20 centimeters and 5 seconds gained with each try!

Finally, the miracle happened and the holes with the tiny screw in them were finally synced: all that was needed was to finish screwing it in place. That involved my taking my own contact lenses out in order to see better (only someone else who is near sighted will understand the wisdom of that move). Finally, job well done, all repaired.

In putting away the materials I noticed a round disk… a very clever magnifying glass that, had it been inserted on the screwdriver as it was meant to be, would have allowed for better sight and an easier task… sigh. Perhaps I’ll remember the next time.