Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Would have been…

I rarely go that route: could have been; should have been; would have been but the date on the paper hit me this morning.

My first thoughts went to at least three persons who celebrate their birthdays today, but then the year also clicked and I had a moment of reflection.

It would have been the first of my 40 years of marriage celebrations: could it have been? Most likely not: we got lucky as it was getting 25 years given my husband’s medical problems (the viral one could happen to anyone; the undisclosed rheumatic fever, which later affected his heart valves, was also something that today should have been discovered, but during World War II and in a country at war certainly couldn’t have been).

Should have been? The marriage definitely so – the length matters less.
Nevertheless, two more times this year I will remember what was and what a pleasure and privilege it would have been.

Oct. 6, 1974  - the 2nd wedding (same bride and groom)