Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent

A chalet along my path - one that I'd love to own!

We are enjoying (and I do mean ENJOYING enjoying) the most glorious of Indian Summers. For the past couple of weeks, we have finally had days of endless sun and warm temperatures; in fact it’s the summer that we never had.
Also personally enjoyed having both boys at home (I know, I know, some of you will dispute my enjoyment of that and you’d be right as well) as the older son was here on vacation and the younger here more permanently (that is until he decides where he wants to be next).  However, we did have some lovely meals and talks together as a family: something that doesn’t happen often as we seem to cross paths more than we join them.

Another good thing: I have been able to grab some time in the mountains again. Although we are definitely entering fall, walking in tree-shaded forests and along mountain paths in the sun, never tires as a pleasure.

But there is the bad: I lost my sunglasses! Finally and irretrievably this time I think. I had to take them off when I went into the shade of the forest and usually put them on my head, but whilst walking they tend to get steamy so I put them inserting one temple into my shirt. At some point whilst taking pictures of the remaining mushrooms the green of the undergrowth and anything else that caught my eye, they must have fallen. I only realized this when I was headed towards the sunny part of the path and wanted them again. I the great finder, even retracing my steps was not able to find my brown-framed, brown-lensed sunglasses amongst the brown leaves on the brown dirt paths.

Now this is the same pair that I lost here several years ago – but that someone else had found and conveniently left on a bench. This time though the woods are mostly people-free and I don’t think that the remaining small animals are going to come to my rescue. 
The Indifferent: there is none at the moment, it just made for a better title!
OK maybe the photos below of this morning’s walk.