Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Y-Bear takes charge.

Normally Y-Bear is a very shy and retiring fellow, well hidden in the comfort of his own room where he is pampered by the mistress of the house, but the ruckus at various times was getting a bit much and so he decided, with a heavy heart, that he must take on the responsibilities that go with maintaining law and order in his domain - or perhaps even join in?

He may be small, but he managed to stop the charge up the steps of Petite Cougar, Herr Hare, Hunny Bunny and Scooby 2, son of Scooby-who-absconded-to-the-USA leaving behind a broken-hearted Petite Cougar and less-but-still-insulted Lady Leopard. Note that even Scooby-2’s pleading didn’t get them anywhere.