Thursday, December 26, 2013

One thing leads to another…

More times than I can count, I will start something, which in turn, leads to something else finding me often totally off the rhythm or plans for that particular moment

This morning is a case in point: having slept poorly the night before, last night I got my full 8 hours – waking up once only to roll over and doze off again, making it 8 am when I finally arose. Knowing that I was invited up to the neighbors for lunch meant that I didn’t need to rush breakfast – first mistake.  Whilst waiting for my roll to bake I decided to finish washing out the pan that I had left soaking yesterday (red cabbage is my contribution to lunch today). It had several months of use on it and was no longer pristine clean: second mistake – deciding that it needed my special cleaning (i.e. a bit of salt and vinegar, boil, let sit, polish: throw in a couple cloves and the kitchen also smells wonderful). That, in turn, led to my deciding that the other pots needed the same special cleaning whilst I was at it. Mistake three: that uncovered their spot in the cupboard, which looked in need of a clean itself.  All of a sudden I found myself cleaning the lower shelf of the pots and pans cupboard, including the bottom of the cupboard itself.

An hour later I was finally ready to re-heat the coffee and warm up the roll when the phone rang: my neighbors asking if they could push back lunch. Great, now having breakfast late makes sense.

Does it make a difference in the grand scheme of things? No, not even a dent. But what a feeling of accomplishment – my pans are now almost in the same shape as when I acquired them and I can, with feelings of virtuousness, proceed to do what I want the rest of the day. That is, unless I again get distracted and on another round.