Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lady Leopard was banished…

Or what happens when the mistress of the house and her housemate are “out to lunch”.

The American Library, now known as the Library in English, has been in operation in Geneva, Switzerland ( since 1930. It was a haven for my family especially when the children were little as I could get up-to-date books in English thus preparing them better for visits to the grandparents and help them maintain their English language as they were both in public schools, thus mainly French speaking.

There were good years for the library financially with a large membership as American companies brought in employees.  Now, not only are there less expats, but technology has brought on a plethora of other ways to read than books and membership has fallen.

A Town meeting was organized to gather ideas and solutions and both my housemate and I wanted to attend. Rick however, needed to get caught up on some of his writing so didn’t accompany us.  By the time the meeting was over it was 13:30 and we both needed food and “need it now”. So as the car was parked in between the library and a restaurant that is open on Sundays we simply went and had a delightful risotto before returning home.

Whilst waiting for the meeting we had also each picked up a book from the library.
Imagine our surprise upon entering the house to find Lady Leopard perched around a hanger in the front hall closet.

Abandoned? Banished? Waiting for a good read? Playing Hide and Seek from Herr Hare and Hunny Bunny?
I think that consulting R’s latest blog might clear up the mystery:
And I think that maybe I had best have Y Bear enter the scene.