Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fog, funeral and food

Woke up this morning to – astonishingly (and yes that was meant to be a very sarcastic remark!) -foggy weather still. 

Took the bus into town for a funeral and was amazed to find that they had sun.

Short service, nice to get a bit of closure.
Returning to the countryside and back into the fog, I made what we are want to call “an executive decision” and stopped at our favorite watering hole Le Café des Marronniers (http://cafedesmarronniers.ch/ ) for lunch. Weather and events made me long for comfort food so chose the hamburger.
Although it’s labeled the “M” burger, we’re not talking about your usual burger. In fast-food life I have a personal preference for the Whopper Jr., then we have a hamburger specialist near the international school that has always had above-average burgers, but this one is truly a gourmet experience. The bun is strong enough to not fall apart, although I usually eat it with a knife and fork; the burger cooked to ones specific taste just like a steak; lettuce, fresh tomato, pickles, cheese and a sauce that rivals their tartar sauce for fish. And one gets a small portion of extra sauce. Accompanied by their thin French fries, there is a reason I wax lyric when describing it!  It may be pricey, but it’s oh so totally worth the price. My hats off to the chef Fabien and the wait staff as well as they are always welcoming and friendly.

Comforted I wended my way home through the fog – on to cookie baking as we are celebrating Christmas as a family tomorrow and although they might not mention it, I am sure that my sons wouldn’t be too happy if I showed up without their favorites.