Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dark days, Light events

In the dark days of late November, beginning of December until the wonderful day of Dec.22 when the days start getting longer again, some of us notice more than others the blackness of the elements.  This is the time of year when every little light, every little glow takes on an extra warmth, a meaning of life and light to chase away the shadows.

We meet friends more, go out and about to see the pre-Christmas lights – and it certainly doesn’t matter what one's religion, or lack thereof, is – we revel in a fireplace, a string of fairy lights, anything and everything that helps lighten the gloom.

There are the Christmases to plan (yes, I said Christmases – when one has friends and family far and near, one tends to multiply, in accordance with the others plans, those celebrations.

This morning, the household had its Christmas, breakfast on a Sunday morning being about the only time where the three of us could actually coordinate our separate lives and calendars.

Being the savvy women that we are, both housemate D-L and I, delegated the making of Christmas breakfast to her love, Rick.  He did us proud, bacon and eggs (seasoned mind you), table prettily set – and to both of our surprise the bonus of champagne, colored with cranberry juice for the color, no less!

The eggs cooled as pictures were taken, which in no way diminished our pleasure in eating them. In fact it was all so extraordinary that it wasn’t until a couple hours later when I was questioning the fact that the champagne had really gone to my head, that I realized that I hadn’t had my coffee!

Here’s to the warmth of friendship: a light on a gray day.