Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shenanigans amongst the animals.

Silly humans – thinking that they could leave us “home alone” and find us all properly in our places upon their return.  Even Y-Bear couldn’t stop us from swinging from the rafters! He was too little so couldn’t get anywhere and returned to his own quarters leaving Petite Cougar desperately trying to follow HH, HB and Scooby-2.  Bunnies can hop real well, Scooby-2 managed part of the jumps then chickened out as he has some vertigo – and is now afraid to climb down

HH and HB love their lofty position and will lord it over the rest until such a time as “their” humans find them and get them under control. J and Y-Bear are having fun watching them trying to figure it out. Taking pity on them and posting these pictorial clues.