Monday, December 30, 2013

I’ve got a bleb, or…

Fun words

Sometimes the sound of a word is enough to make me happy, sometimes it is the silliness of saying the word or the thought that it engenders.

I subscribe to “A.Word.a.Day” and enjoy almost every single one, but todays was simply too much fun: “bleb”
Now try saying that out loud, several times in a row, shout it out, whisper it.
It tickles my funny bone.

Thought to have perhaps come from “blob” (tickles me also), when one looks in the dictionary it is only a small blister or particle, it’s sound however is ever so much more.

Imagine throwing into some dinner party conversation: oh, did you see the bleb on my foot… or
I have a bleb somewhere that really bothers me, or do you ever get blebs?
Come on, I dare you, bleb, bleb, bleb.

Or you could, in the medical world, have blebbing (the noun) or perhaps in the philosophical world your thoughts (like mine at this point) are all blebby (adj.).

Have fun – look for more of those: blab, bleb, blib, blob, blub. Roll them off your tongue, look up blib (yep its an actual word)in the Urban dictionary: (especially #5 – who knew?). Have a great day in the world of words.