Friday, October 10, 2014

« Wandkalender » or

how to miss-read…

A great variety of subjects in at least three different languages (English, French and German) slither into my daily inbox.  My mind isn’t always in one or the other language, which leads to interesting miss-understandings. Take today’s example: the subject was « Wandkalender » and although I am currently in Germany (leaving the safety and security of my home to my younger son) my mind was on tourism and walking so I read
Wander Calendar and was going to consult it to see what wunderbar hikes were being proposed…

Now I am thinking that I need to actually make a calendar of my wanderings…
But not quite sure that the world at large (or my family and friends – thanks for bearing with me) are quite ready for that bit of omphaloskepsis (looking at ones belly button).

So off to wander some more instead of boring some more.

Experiences in the past 24 hours:
stairwell in the hotel

  • surprise of the award-winning raiser of Koi carp, Jörg Scherle
  • A meal that was right up there with the best that I have had.
  • A room with under floor heating (too hot), but one of the best bed mattresses ever (one offsets the other)
  • A German breakfast, which if any of you have ever experienced one, know is one of the finer points of life.
  • A wander down to both Schlösse (castles: old and new); their parks,
  • A turn around one of the large department stores (needed nothing so only “did” the women’s floor – and that in under a half hour) – feeling virtuous
  • Lunch was a small container of red herring salad (one of the best things I ever was introduced to by my mother-in-law). Not a “red herring”, but herring in a sour-cream beetroot combination that turns it bright pink.
  • Trip number one on the underground (having bought the visitor’s card I now need to use it at least 9 times!)
  • Half-hour break in the hotel to put my feet up and write this blog.

Ah the joys of travel.