Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Village festivals

Corsier, Switzerland, started their squash festival many years ago when a local farmer opened up his property and sold his harvest.  There were a few other stands, all run by local clubs or persons.

This has since expanded and now people come not only from the village and the neighboring villages, but from as far away as the next canton up the lake. The main event, of course, is squash – squash in all shapes, colors and for all uses. However, one can also purchase many other types of food (again no industrial, only artisanal); ceramics; nuts; jewelry; knitted and crocheted items; and others, which have escaped my memory.  This year there was also two types of rides for the smaller ones and amongst the food – cotton candy!

The entire surrounding fields become a car park – in addition to the school’s actual parking lot. Many walk up on foot, leaving their cars as far as a kilometer away.  Weather was cooperative just the odd drop here and there, but not enough to shut anything down or dim the festive mood. This one is now past, but we are already looking forward to next year and I have promised myself that some year, I will actually buy and carve a pumpkin!

Small note to those who are interested in competitions: the largest pumpkin in the world this year was not grown by an American, but rather a Swiss: Beni Meier de Pfungen (ZH) grew one weighing 953,5 kilos thus beating the former champion, an American, whose pumpkin was 911 kilos.