Thursday, October 23, 2014

Of “lasts”, “last” and “first”

During my recent visit to the in-laws I was able to see the whole close family: all nephews, both sisters-in-law, my brother-in-law and the grand children as well – remarkable.

During the same period, we also took the youngest grandson to the Lindt Chocolate Factory in Cologne one afternoon.  And had another son/nephew over one night.  As both my sister-in-law and her husband were nursing colds and she didn’t sleep well, we realized that it was all a bit too much and that at 80+ it was time for her to slow down on some of the things. Together we decided that this year she wouldn’t bake her traditional stollens.

She had one left in the freezer, which we duly unthawed, cut in half and I brought mine back to savor.

Then there was the last of the fresh rasberries: my landlord in the mountains has rasberries and knowing my love of them has often shared. I was ever so please on Monday when she brought me the last of this season. The weather was to totally change – snow instead of the low 20s (C) that we had been enjoying – so she had picked all that she could find.  Were they as succulent as earlier in the summer ? No, but they were every bit as appreciated as now there will be no fresh until next year.

Then there are the “firsts” (note the lasts being first and the first being last?):
The same landlord made quince jelly last week and when I ran out of jellies and jams I was so bold as to ask if she would give me a jar. Nothing like fresh quince jelly, absolutely nothing.