Sunday, October 26, 2014

Schizophrenic for a day

During the night of Saturday to Sunday, most of Europe as well as Iraq, Syria and the like (know this because of a bad joke in the Sunday paper) went off of daylight savings time (personally can’t see that it ever saved any daylight, but that’s only my begrudging opinion – wish that they would do away with it!).  In Switzerland this takes place at 3 a.m. when we drop back to 2 a.m. (who decided on this hour? Why not going from 2 to 1 or from 4 to 3 ? If one looks at shift workers it used to be 7 to 15:00 then 15:00 to 23:00 and 23:00 to 7:00 so that doesn’t even make sense – and did the night shift have to work an extra hour? Were they compensated?). See what happens when I get off track?

Anyway, as I
  • hate the idea in the first place
  • don’t care when during the night that it takes place and
  • would rather have the extra hour in the fall as we go into Monday and not Sunday

I rebel, leaving all my clocks that are not yet radio-controlled (wrist watch, microwave, oven, battery run clocks) on the old time, only changing them just before I go to bed on Sunday evening.

This of course leads to some interesting calculations throughout Sunday: can’t go get the Sunday paper until the coffee shop opens at the now-new-time of old-time 9:00, have to remember that as we are going out for lunch that I do have an extra hour at noon to finish off anything that I was doing (i.e. reading the paper, taking a walk, taking a shower and getting ready). It also means that I will feel very virtuous going to bed at my old time, setting the alarm back and thinking – yeah – another hour to read tonight!

Of course by that time, all the calculations and re-calculations to keep on track throughout the day will have worn me out enough to have me falling asleep on the new time, then awaking on the old time. All the energy needed to maintain my rebellion has my feeling a wee bit Schizophrenic – and you my readers – how are you doing?