Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beauty on the cheap

Like many, I find daily in my inbox offers from Groupon (not to mention names): a site that specializes in making the consumer an offer at a lower price by selling a greater quantity.

Now I have had some coupons for reflexology and massages and I am the first to be interested in some of their offerings, but the one that landed in my inbox a couple of days ago, gave me pause for thought.

I could have bought 32 (yes – 32!) makeup brushes for a modest price.
After having laughed myself silly, I thought – I don’t even think that I could use more than one or two – who in the world could actually use 32 brushes to put on their makeup?

One for eyebrows – maybe
One for blusher – again perhaps

And that’s about where my knowledge of make-up brushes hits the wall.  I mean, really, THIRTY-TWO!
If I used each one only once and very quickly, say a half of a minute, it would still take me 16 minutes to put on my make-up.

Who in the world has time like that – or an interest in fixing whatever nature gave one that would involve the use of 32 brushes?

Needless to say, that is one offer that I did not take them up on!

screenshot of the ad's illustration