Thursday, October 9, 2014

Voyages, voyages, voyages

Rhythme de trains,
Rimes de la vie.
Le paysage défile
De l’autre côté des vitres.
Dedans, ma vie reste
En suspens -
Le temps d’un voyage

Clouds across the plains,
Scudding to the rhythm
Of the train.
Outside life is submissive
To the inside’s quiet.

Did I write the above during my train ride to Toulouse this spring, or during my train ride to
Argelès-sur-Mer at the end of the summer, or even on the train ride to Paris at the beginning
Of the summer ? I don’t remember, but every trip has similar elements.

Today’s no different (except perhaps in scenery and the architecture of the buildings) from yesterdays,
not tomorrows.

Never met a one that I didn’t enjoy and every discovery (even to places visited in the past) is a slightly
Different voyage.