Saturday, October 25, 2014

Girns to grins and sundry events

 Sometimes the unintended are the most fun and turning this weekend into an “adventure” certainly pleads in favor of that thought.

Today we decided to undertake two things: go to the Renoir exhibit at the Giannada Museum and have lunch in Martigny. The order was indifferent, however due to late awakenings on both of our parts (in turn due to getting to bed late as we not only watched a DVD but also got caught up in watching an English crime series thereafter) we had to change the order a bit.

In the end we were too late to go to the exhibit before lunch without rushing and too early to eat lunch so I threw a third thing into the mix: replace my cell phone!  I finally remember where there was a shop for my service provider, took a number (well actually had a “greeter” sign me up on his iPad or whatever tablet the company is favoring at the moment) and waited about 10 minutes. Explained that I liked my old cell phone (about 5 years old), didn’t want any more or any less service than I had and would even prefer the same brand due to chargers (we have an abundance of one name and none of the others). Turns out that chargers are now interchangeable so less than 10 minutes later I was the proud possessor of another “dumb” phone, i.e. I can make and accept phone calls, send and receive text messages, and little else… all without changing my current rate plan.  Grin number one (also all my stored numbers were on the chip so no additional dithering or adjustments – big, big grin).

Just in time to go find sustenance (like we really need more). For some reason we both were leaning towards Italian so picked La Nonna  ( Liked the décor, the waitress was very friendly and the policy of offering a small glass as an introductory cocktail was great. Upon seeing the menu though and the special hunt offerings we both chose the caquelon braconnier (very loosely translated as the poachers pot) – the full menu! Pictures tell it better than I can.

Hungry anytime in the near future – I think not! We did go on to the museum, but that’s a story for another day as still digesting lunch.