Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I’m gifted…

Well actually it’s more, I have at least one particular gift, but liked putting it that way around to lead everyone into thinking that I am more talented than perhaps I actually am! (Hey if we don’t believe in ourselves, who else will believe in us?)
Over the years, and I have several reliable witnesses to this fact (well maybe they aren’t all so reliable, but as the beneficiaries of my prowess in this particular field I am sure they will be willing to testify should need be), I have become recognized for my ability to find things.
In fact, to such an extent that sometimes when my sons or my housemate lose something they only look cursorily for a few seconds before calling me. Finding my own things is not quite as efficient (probably only around 85%) but finding other people’s belongings, I’m batting probably 99%. Recent events have only reinforced this belief in my talents.

The first was when I dashed into the Giannada Museum one day last week.  I had intended upon using a bank card for free entrance, but although I had the right bank, had the wrong card so ended up paying the yearly fee instead (not that bad for retirees and I would have donated something in any case had I had a free entrance). This had me slightly slower than normal, secondly I actually looked at the Roman ruins and explanations on the left side of the upper level (something I never do) so went down the opposite staircase from usual. Then decided to start the exhibition (Renoir) in an orderly manner and headed for exhibit number one, only to find two women down on their hands and knees in the dim (protective lighting for a master’s paintings is the norm) with their smart phones turned to flashlight position. I had a funny feeling: half bent as I went through my purse for the powerful flashlight that I always have on me (thanks to my brother who loves flashlights – a mini one that is military qualified resides in my purse), my eyes lit upon the object of their search – a contact lense! Had either of them moved at all they would have stepped upon it as it was between the two of them. How I saw it is a miracle as the marble floors were beige with marks similar to this tile. As the wearer (and loser thereof) of contacts I could very well understand her gratitude, but hey just using my talent.

Yesterday was another such: needed to get some more cement plates for the driveway whilst I had younger son’s muscles available. Two trips for 20 and I couldn’t help him much except for to keep the remaining ones from crashing down as we picked ours. We had already taken 10 home and were back getting the remaining 10 and some other items when I noticed that the stone in my ring was missing…

A transparent stone that could have been knocked out of its setting most anywhere there at the garden center, in the car or at home. Still, nothing tried, nothing gained so I first went back to where the stones were… bingo … found it and used a pair of pliers from the store to make sure that the setting was again tight enough to hold it.

Like I said: I’m gifted!