Saturday, August 16, 2014

Midsummer fete… a washout

No one can claim that summer of 2014 was not wet in Switzerland. If we got extremely lucky last weekend, this week the weather is again influencing festivities everywhere – and not positively!

Normally today would have seen the mid-summer fete up in one of the alpine meadows where the cows summer, but it got cancelled due to the weather. In fact given the temperatures, I am not even sure that the cows got very high up this year.

About the only things still congregating are the mushrooms (found a new variety this morning – and the old have more than flourished), the slugs (ugh – have to really keep my eyes on where I am walking because in between the moss on the rocks, the rivelets on the paths and the slugs no foot is safe: even saw cow patties today) and the rain drops.

We are clean, but even I, who as everyone knows dislikes the heat, am ready for some sun!

slug "party"
mushroom #14