Friday, August 8, 2014

Forget the boots, “these socks are made for walking”, or

“Marathon” socks.

For my recent birthday, my family and housemates outdid themselves with many requested, unexpected, beautiful gifts.

My younger son – amongst other contributions, namely a box of my favourite chocolates - continued family tradition by also offering socks.

This can only be understood if I explain that when the boys were young, I was the sole supplier of the useful as needing to attribute the “good” presents – i.e. those they had actually asked for – to the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the godparents etc. It wasn’t until they were both grown that I realized that they might have interesting thoughts as to what their own parents had provided in the way of gifts for Christmas and birthdays! They seem to have survived, but the tradition continues.

This year’s pair however are special: “Marathon” socks. I kid you not, these socks can actually do more things than I: they have a separate and distinct left and right (just checked to make sure that I have them on correctly); a “ToeTip“ protection; Toe protection, i.e. against blisters and chafing; “AirFlow” ankle protection; Heel protection; “AirCool” stripes. They also have a Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles protection; a traverse AirFlow channel system under the sole as well as an instep protection with an “AirVent Zone”.  All of the mentioned distinctions are patent-protected (not quite sure who is going to protect me from the socks though).

Swiss Technology, they are actually made in Italy – another great thing in our age of “made-everywhere-but-where-one-lives”.

I tell you these things can walk themselves almost. Now let’s see if they can get me to the next village or up the mountain.