Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Boom, boom, boom

Halfway to the village I jumped when I heard the first “boom”: although the workmen were on site they were just discussing the day’s activities (at least that is what I presumed as all seven of them were just standing at the edges of the construction zone) so it couldn’t be their machinery; I hadn’t felt anything so reckoned that it wasn’t lighting or thunder (and the bits of grey cloud were far enough away so that I hadn’t even taken an umbrella); school started last Monday, but surely the students weren’t yet to the point of setting off explosions (and it is a primary school in any case even if one never knows these days how much mischief a 6th grader can get up to)…

Then the penny dropped: end August – the grapes are starting to ripen – and as a consequence the noise canons are back to scare away the birds. Hard to imagine that it is already almost time to harvest the grapes, but the booms give away the game and can’t be ignored: summer has truly flown the coop and fall is on its way.