Thursday, August 14, 2014

Losing things in restaurants – Act II, or…

Going through the trash.

Somehow the morning disappeared before I was ready to return to Les Marécottes so I needed to eat a bite. Didn’t want to take either the time or the nap, which I would have needed, after our favourite local restaurant’s daily menu (more than abundant, if it contains many carbs I have to have a “pause” before I am able to function well).

I remembered that McDonald’s (known to those around me as McDo’s – pronounce macdoze) had new salads on the menu, including Coleslaw: it would be quick and just the perfect amount if I took the coleslaw and a serving of chicken wings. No sooner said than done – whilst eating (very, very, rarely do I ever take it to go as I prefer catching up on my reading then leaving the trash behind) I took advantage to finish yesterday’s paper (yup, my time seems to have gotten out of control and I am far behind in the reading, especially of daily papers).

Leisurely – several interesting articles – so I was done with the food before I was through with the paper.  The branch manager had been keeping a good eye on whatever was going on during the lunch hour and he didn’t miss a trick: I soon found myself being asked if I was finished – could he take my tray for me.  Never one to turn down this type of offer, I absent-mindedly answered “of course – thanks”.

Thirty seconds later when I went to put my reading glasses back in their case… oops the container had been on the tray.
The manager was still tidying up the bins and napkins etc. so he kindly opened the one side and – either as a gentleman, or as a concerned manager – started trying to find my case.  As we were unable to spy it quickly (although I could see the coleslaw container and my stuff had been the last in), he took “stronger measures” and hauled the whole sack to the employees sector. At this point I am feeling rather embarrassed – poor chap had only thought to do a good turn (my table was not a desirable one so I am pretty sure that he wasn’t trying to move me out – especially as there were plenty of others free, but who knows), and as it was worth about a tenth of my contact lens episode was willing to let him off the hook.

Five minutes later however I had the case (duly cleaned) back in my hands and was again excusing myself for all the trouble.

What’s next? At least I am going down in the value of items lost or misplaced.