Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Further up the mountain, or

The village is too crowded.

Summer has finally shown its colours – and none too soon.
I had purchased a season’s pass on the local cable car so put it to good use, dashing
Off for the 13:30 trip further up the mountain.

We were only three so shared a gondola and as is my want, I looked for an exchange of information. All three of us not only came from around the lake down in the valley, but also were looking for “peace and quiet” along with a lack of other humans, although I suspect that they, like myself, like people well enough normally.

We headed off in the same direction, but with staggered departures, each seeking the quiet and strength of the mountain.  Besides stopping for pictures at many points I simply stopped to listen… to the lack of everyday noises, the lack of any noise at all more than once. Above tree level, there were no birds, not even the normally ever-present crows. No wind to chase the hovering clouds, no mountain streams, no hikers for the most part. I haven’t enjoyed such total silence in a long time: it filled me with a sense of eternity, of oneness with the universe. I returned greatly strengthened.
La Creusaz, VS, Switzerland

vers La Golette

vers le Luisan

Les Marécottes, VS, Switzerland

Path signs