Monday, August 18, 2014

« Another beautiful day in the mountains” and other phrases

For many of those I know it’s “another beautiful day at the beach”: for those who know me “it’s another beautiful day in the mountains”.

But before getting out and enjoying it, one does need one’s breakfast (or at least I always have – perhaps as a result of growing up in a household where breakfast was mandatory).

Those who know me also know that I can’t eat and not read: o.k. if I have company I do make the supreme effort and sacrifice, unless they too, are enamored with books and magazines whereupon we can all happily read at the same table.

It’s very rarely a book as I need to be able to at least read one chapter but it can be anything from a newspaper (yesterday’s, today’s, a freebee, a costly) to trashy magazines, to more complete magazines. Or, as today, even just advertising materials (after all I do need to get through every piece of paper with printed words on it that comes into my life (fortunately some only take seconds!)

I exchange magazines and books with a friend and in her latest lot she included an airline magazine of gifts (on purpose? By accident? I’ll return it just in case).

On top of all the wonderful inventions (and thank goodness that I am not in a buying mood as several are very tempting: I mean, a lovely piece of furniture that hides the kitty litter tray, or a padded bench for storing shoes… that would certainly be a good addition in my entryway where depending upon the body count in the house we can have almost wall to wall shoes of varying sizes and styles) there was two pages of “the best t-shirts of 2013”.

Now I love reading, I love plays on words, I love people who can use words judiciously, I love words – get the idea.  But there’s nothing quite like a short succinct sentence – one that can be printed on a t-shirt, a sweat-shirt, basketball cap, etc.

Many caught my attention, but this one stands out:

“Scars are like Tattoos, with better stories”.

I could philosophize on that sentence, but on the other hand perhaps I’ll just leave it stand for you to interpret personally, in light of your own life’s experiences. How wonderful a phrase:

“Scars are like Tattoos, with better stories”