Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Rainbows in my life

The iffy fall weather means that physically there are lots of rainbows (yesterday alone – 4 in various spots as I drove through the city).

But there are also the emotional ones:
  • My two sons
  • My brother and sister - their spouses
  • My younger son’s girlfriend
  • My housemate
  • My innumerable (o.k. I can actually number them, but I have been to richly blessed that I prefer the innumerable label) female friends, those I’ve known a life-time, those I’ve known for 40 years, those I’ve known for only a few, even those new friends. They all have their roles in my life; they all bring me something positive.
  • The male friends who have treated me exactly the same after (my husband’s death) as before.
  • Concerts, museums
  • Magazines, good books (and sometimes even the indifferent ones)
  • Good meals whether in a restaurant or at friends
  • TV series – DVDs that make me laugh
  • A house and enough to live on: blessed more than many in this world

And the list is not exhaustive, nor did I try and remember everyone.

I hope that everyone has at least a few rainbows in their lives. Feel free to borrow the one below if needs be!

Nov.7, 2013: morning rainbow "dot"