Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adventures in other languages

Ah the usefulness of languages: being able to more or less navigate in three, I have long realized the benefits of other languages. Sometimes it is the English that best explains a situation, sometimes the French is more elaborate, a verbal bouquet of “fleurs” (flowers), then again it might be a pithy German expression such as Schadenfreude that makes it into our own vocabulary

Now Facebook is not necessarily known for its wealth of properly written sentences (sorry, even I am not always ready with a grammatically correct phrase whilst replying to one or the other posting), however it does introduce one to some lovely sites where one can enjoy the written word, be it quotations, be it slang, be it funny, be it profound.

This morning I came across one such site – thanks Shawnee - delightfully labeled “Word Porn”  ( mailto: ) where the word of the day  “Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say” Mitch Albom, led me to the site where I discovered Dormiveglia., which was described as “the space that stretches  between  waking and sleeping”. Well it is actually an Italian word that means half-awake, or half-asleep, whichever you choose, but the description is a great one of how many people look at their day!

So, off to explore more fun words, such as alexithymia – go on, I dare you, look it up! Words are such fun!
Just make them all golden.