Friday, November 22, 2013

A trip to the dentist or…

A wonderful half hour.

I know, I know, half of you had to re-read that title two or three times, the other half are wondering when they should contact my sons to see if I am o.k.

But, as usual, there is a reason for my euphoria concerning a dental visit.

Last fall in early September I went for a check-up and dental hygiene (I have a lovely dentist who does all her own work from cleaning teeth to the x-rays to the more serious items such as cavity filling: she doesn’t do implants, but that’s another story). X-rays were duly taken, my teeth cleaned and admired (most European dentists stand in awe of American teeth) and that was that, or so I thought.

In October my rear right molar started having twinges off and on, but I bore up until the end of November when I really thought I had best check it out: the dentist could find nothing. Still feeling pain along the jaw so went first to my family doctor who manipulated my jaw (thinking that perhaps there was a slight dislocation): nothing. Back to the dentist just before Christmas – still nothing visible and she suggested that it might perhaps be my trigeminal nerve. Whatever it was so painful that I ended up one Saturday morning in emergency to get some relief.  A period of heavy painkillers followed, along with an MRI to make sure that there was nothing wrong in my head (o.k., I know, I know…. Ssshhhhhh). Shortly thereafter I slipped on black ice, hit my head and that did the trick, no more pain along the jaw. After a spring  full of other medical events my molar started hurting again…my own dentists was on vacation so went to the emergency dental clinic whereupon they discovered that the fillings (from 50 years ago…) had cracked it in half so it had to be extracted.
Then the other side started to feel sensitive too: back to the dentist who, again, couldn’t see anything wrong. We decided though that I should be wearing a tooth guard nights so duly made one (and it is helping).

This visit was to finally clean my teeth after a year – and miracle of miracles – no sensitive spots, no pain, not even my usual bleeding, which means that my new electric toothbrush is even better than the old.

It was a wonderful visit and now even the sun has  made a brief appearance to celebrate. Life is good!