Monday, November 11, 2013

“The” list

There are a lot of people and a lot of lists: the grocery list, the to-do list, the buy-it-if-on-sale list, the dinner party list, the Christmas card list, the birthday card list  and I use all of these at various times. However, when I start feeling submerged by things and paper, I have, in recent years, developed a method: “The” LIST

Entitled “Goals for the week / per day” it varies slightly depending up the mood and the season, but tries to encompass those things that I regularly don’t accomplish, or those that will make me feel more in control of my office, my health, my life.

One such was:
  • 20 pages album
  • 20 min. walk
  • 20 pieces of paper, either sorted (filed) or tossed
  • 5 things put away or tossed
  • 5 scans (was trying to put legal documents into files on the computer as well as paper files)
  • Italian – 20 minutes.

This weeks is slightly different:
  • 10 pages of any photo album – had to reduce to 5 after the first day…
  • 20 pieces paper sorted or tossed
  • 10 things put away
  • 10 things re-distributed or tossed
  • clean one drawer, shelf, something

And when I say 10 “things” put away or tossed, yes, you can count the book put back in the bookshelf, the magazine given to a friend, a pair of shoes put back in the closet: no matter how little or how big, it all counts – the point is to do something, anything, or one does not have the motivation to continue.
By doing this at the end of 7 days I have actually accomplished something, if – we all know the feeling – not enough!  Using the example of the book in the bookshelf – at the end of a week, one has put away 35 books: now that’s an accomplishment.

Funny, though, how I never have to add “reading” or “play a computer game” to the list.