Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The medicine cabinet And waiting for the washer.

About twice a year when my housemate returns to her “nest”, cleaning off her shelf in the medicine cabinet, and I happen to be in town for a longer period, I can no longer ignore the dirt and dust gathered on all the shelves, which in turns niggles me until I finally do something about it… or the cleaning lady does (we have the bad habit of not closing the medicine cabinet as it allows one to do one’s hair every so much easily!)

This, like cleaning kitchen cabinets, happens to be something that I do on a lazy Sunday morning. This past one was no exception and after an hour of emptying, sorting, tossing, cleaning, I am now the proud possessor of a clean medicine cabinet – for at least the week or 10 days before the dust again starts to accumulate.

Being in the bathroom, one notices the towels and washcloths, which reminded me of the total lack of the possibility of washing said items – since 10 days!
Due to my machine’s breaking down late on a Friday night I couldn’t call until Monday then that was the week that my supplier was getting together their stand for the our autumn fair and could it wait until Monday the 11th. As I have sufficient (o.k. too many) clothes, I said yes – so promised to be home to receive the new machine all day.  They came mid-afternoon and I am in the process of catching up on that pile of laundry.