Monday, November 18, 2013

It’s the little things

That make our day.

Last week, my older son called and wanted to know who was currently living in the house (for those of you who know me, there is very rarely only me at home). When I replied that actually there was no one, he hastened to get to the point of the call: an Indian colleague was going to be here and his girlfriend was joining him from Germany – could they spend a few nights?  "Of course" was the answer.

They got in very late Thursday night (I had met him in town to give him a key to the gate and the front door) and I left early the next morning so didn’t see them.

Wanting to be friendly I chalked a message on our blackboard downstairs: “Have a Good Day”.

Not sure that they ever saw it, but I didn’t get around to erasing is and as that is the WC I use often throughout the day  - and in particular first thing in the morning – I am now
greeted with my own message… and have decided that it is so nice that I will leave it:
Message to self: “have a good day”!