Wednesday, October 30, 2013

“Talking” gates…

Or communications from where?

I know that we are almost to Halloween…
Still it gave me a pause this morning when returning from the post office I saw
that my gate was trying to communicate with me!

Is it a pretzel? (I had already had breakfast, but maybe this is what’s for lunch or dinner? Or is it to remind me of the trip to Germany that I can’t make this weekend?).

Is it the peace sign? I think that I am a pretty peaceful person so not quite sure how I could be more peaceful – and I am not taking up demonstrating in the near future although I do sometimes get excited about something on Facebook.

Is it simply a weird bow tie? Reminding me that I am to wear lace-up shoes with my aircast: I had already done that.

Whatever the message, I appreciate it that my gate is trying to communicate – or should I be worried?