Monday, October 7, 2013

Living in suspension…

Or life above the clouds.

Although I hate the jet lag and am not too fond of the long flight either, flying home does have its advantages: almost a day of time suspended from my normal life.

A day for reading a book (yes, a whole book – that flight is long!); for doing several Sudoku puzzles (cut from papers and magazines – somehow could never connect with the little pamphlets); for taking a nap (wishful thinking, wishful thinking, but sometimes I get a cat-nap); for being off-line (to my way of thinking it is not an advantage that the airlines now offer it somewhat – although I do understand the business man’s need to keep on top of upcoming events), in short life in suspension.

Would I want to do it often? No
But occasionally a break from the world is not a bad thing.

stars on the ground