Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today’s Trivia

Had coffee with a friend, M, celebrated her birthday today,
Got groceries for sick housemate,
Drove up to the mountains (first snow of the season has left a bundle, fortunately not on my particular bundle so could enjoy the beauty of the alps draped in their first winter mantle),
Checked on landlord – he is finally home after 8 weeks in the hospital,
Unsubscribed from a couple of newsletters,
Clicked the pink button on The Breast Cancer Site to provide funding for mammograms (mailto: )
Played a couple of computer games,
Checked e-mails,

Looking back on all this, I realize that most of it wasn’t “trivia” at all, but very good things happening to very good people (even the housemate is getting better or I wouldn’t have left!).

May your trivia be as validating.