Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Shutdown hasn’t affected the deer.

My brother got off on his hike to Half Dome at 6 a.m.: his wife and I took a more leisurely path.
A day of wandering, taking pictures of the local grey squirrels, a lovely red-headed woodpecker, a family of deer, then two “teenagers” who seemed to be wandering on their own – no mom in sight – the weather was perfect with the air clearer than yesterday.

Park employees are mostly very upset – we, as the lucky few – are enjoying the peace and quiet. Yes, many roads are closed, but there is sufficient food and restaurants in three areas to keep us fed and watered. As the park empties enjoying it with only the deer and other animals, sprinkled with a few humans here and there, makes for an extraordinary trip: one of my best to the park.

Half Dome as seen upon entering the park from the western end.