Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall adventures…

But, not what you’d expect.

My housemate and I had been bemoaning the fact that due to a series of events (some not very positive either) we had only had our first and second quarter “adventures” this year.

Last night we went to see Bob Dylan in concert: an icon, I found his voice to be better than reported in recent reviews. An enjoyable concert after which we started down the stairs for our return to the car park (in retrospect it is a very good thing that I was feeling lazy and had parked the car underneath the airport, which is adjacent to this particular concert hall), had successfully negotiated the first two sets of steps and was prudently hanging on to the hand rails – and not going particularly fast either - when, bingo: down I went.  Still not sure what happened.

Limped back to the car using my housemate as a crutch and remarking that for once I was exceptionally glad that she was short!  Had time to feel grateful that my new car is automatic as it was the left ankle then embarked on the hunt for an emergency room open at 11 p.m.  To no avail, ended up at the HUG (yes that’s the acronym of our university hospital and all in all I have never had a complaint as to their efficiency nor care – when one is suffering physically, it is an uplifting thought to have a HUG).

The girl on triage was lovely: knowing that they had a backlog of at least 5 hours she started calling some of the other emergency care centers in the state of Geneva, only to find out that no one had x-rays available, whereupon she suggested that I might be better off “taking these two pills” and going home to sleep a few hours before returning early this morning.  Very wise advice as I was able to ice the ankle, then bind it and elevate it, getting 5 hours sleep in the process.

This morning the entire checking in, waiting for a doctor, then the x-ray, then the return of the doctor only took two hours and whilst waiting we were able to go to the cafeteria for tea and a roll.  Good news: only sprained, although they could see on the x-ray that I had had several small breaks in the past – I only knew about the heel!  So back to an ankle brace, anti-inflammatory pills (and to think that I had just finished the last antibiotic this morning!) and staying quiet.

Afterwards we headed to the train station to change my housemate’s ticket – she was to have returned to her home today as well as see about cancelling my trip to Germany this weekend – then the pharmacy, etc.   

I was to have gone up to the mountains to clean out from my 6-month rental, but now we will do it together tomorrow. Thus it is that we will manage to get in our automn adventure, I just wish that this one wouldn’t have involved an actual “fall”.