Monday, October 28, 2013

Send in the squirrels

Or the pigs, or anything and everything that might be tempted by acorns. To re-paraphrase
A well-known remark: give me your hungry, your poor, those longing to be FED.

This year we have: not only dozens, nor even hundreds, nor are we so lucky as to have only thousands: I’d swear that it is in the hundreds of thousands!

And if you have no squirrels or pigs to lend, I would suggest some handy crafting projects:
Any shape or form of pad for hot pots and plates; a throw rug of strung together acorns; a wall hanging; a “rug” for after the sauna; a curtain for next summer’s flies, your imagination is the only limit as I have a supply that would allow for any and all such projects.

Or a few to plant in planters so that you can grow your own lovely oak trees!

no pictures were retouched: this is actually how many there are!