Sunday, August 25, 2013

The beauty of enthusiasm…

Or how to stay young.

I have just spent three days showing my childhood friend and her husband various tourist sights/sites close to my home (about a two-hour radius).

Ah, the fun:  although both are experienced travelers, having even been many places that I have yet to see, this area was new to them. The boundless enthusiasm for what they were seeing, the joy with which each new feature was greeted, made it an ever so pleasant change for jaded me. Or perhaps I should say that, that which we regularly enjoy – over time – becomes ordinary.

Fribourg land
I love Gruyères and will happily take any and all visitors there, but it is fascinating to see how each new introduction leads to an entirely different appreciation of beloved spots. Seen through the eyes of someone seeing if for the first times adds a dimension as their view is always slightly different depending upon experience and interests.

Gruyères' heraldry - the crane

Swiss flag, Chateau de Gruyères

Then it was up to my mountain flat and although the weather changed and the “rains came down”, it was still beautiful in their eyes, being new.

I will try and remember the lesson: if one is open to new sights, new tastes, new cultures and new experiences, one remains young in spirit (o.k. so both of them are also in better physical shape than I currently as I haven’t been up to my usual hiking due to a sprained ankle earlier in the summer), always entertained, and more importantly always interesting to others. Curiosity and enthusiasm coupled with a willingness to experience that, which is different, will always endure one to others.

You go guys – I’ll welcome you back any time! 

Fondue at the Café Central, Les Marécottes, VS

Water mill at Salvan, VS
THe Pisse-Vache waterfall, Vernayaz, VS