Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scooby indulges

Or partying in the mountains.

My housemate and I drove up for a couple of days, bringing along her daughter so that she could also enjoy the pleasures of the mountains before returning to the USA.
Last night had been determined to be Fondue Night – and yes, it deserves the capital letters.

Off we went – accompanied by the ever-valiant Scooby – who at this point has enjoyed so many adventures in Europe that he may never recover.

This night was not an exception: his lady friends (real ones as Petite Cougar and Lady Leopard) were not allowed out, having ganged up on him behind his back, he decided to do well-enough without for at least one evening.


They, the women, not Scooby, got a fit of the giggles when the 20 something waiter joined in the fun, even allowing us to let Scooby entertain the whole restaurant with his excellent piano playing.


Scooby had the time of his life from looking a wee bit sad with his flowers to checking out the candle sticks, to being served wine (note that his bandage became his bib) – all this before the fondue itself. 

It was a night to be remembered. We hear that tonight is champagne and nibbles: wonder if he will be up to it?