Friday, August 23, 2013

Playing tourist

In one’s own town is something to be highly recommended.

Lucky me, I am enjoying the visit of a childhood neighbor and her husband. Up until now they have always gone to exotic – and far from me here in the middle of Europe – destinations. This year following an archeological tour through Scandinavia they came down to stay with me before continuing on to England.

It was one of those glorious summer days that we rarely see: sunny, clear skies with our cold wind. Now this cold wind in the winter can be mighty unbearable: in the summer it just keeps the air clear and the temperatures reasonable.

After a visit to the medieval village of Yvoire, we went into Geneva itself.  


Wall of greenery

The original goal had been the archeological museum below the Cathedral St. Pierre (St. Peter’s cathedral), but as by the time we got there we only had less than an hour until closing and given the beauty of the day, we decided to walk up the South and North towers of the cathedral instead.  One has overview of Geneva, which only would be possibly by helicopter otherwise.

the Jet d'eau as seen from the cathedral

Not having time to take in the entire city, I opted to show them a little known spot: the Pointe à la Jonction (literally the point of the junction) where the Rhone, flowing out of lake Léman, meets the Arve, coming in from the alps: one is glacial waters, cold and murky; the other clear and of a much higher temperature. During the summer my oldest son has been one of the persons responsible for running an associative bar so we even got our drinks free!

On the way home, stopped to buy the fixings for salad and ice cream to celebrate my friend’s birthday: all in all – the perfect day.