Sunday, August 18, 2013


Or, how to make something delicious out of odds and ends

There are certainly lessons to be learned by yesterday’s lunch: having decided that I wouldn’t buy anything specifically for lunch as I was going home today, the challenge was to make something out of what was left in the refrigerator.

One red pepper, one yellow pepper, leftover green beans and some feta cheese:
Fortunately, I also had a red onion, some garlic, olive oil and spices.  Slow cook the two peppers, onions, garlic then add some spice, dump in a drop of balsamic cream, chop up the remaining cilantro as well as the remaining tomato (both discovered in the vegetable bin towards the rear where they weren’t visible) and let simmer … dump over crumbled feta cheese and although there were no carbs and I got hungry mid-afternoon, sure was tasty.

So tasty that I forgot the green beans that I had cooked in the microwave – so had those for supper.

Somehow, one should be able to carry over that type of philosophy into one’s daily life and tasks: take one friend, an extra hour, add coffee, mix and voilà instant happiness.
Or take an appointment, which falls through thus gaining an hour or two, add some sun, throw in a lake and voilà a lovely walk giving oneself time to relax.

The combinations are endless if only we look and get creative, throwing things together that we normally wouldn’t consider as belonging with each other.

O.K. back to the “real” tasks.