Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Out with the old

Only five items put out today for the “voluminous objects” trash pickup tomorrow, but oh the memories.

The office chair has seen our first office; our moving the office home and then was given to my housemate as it was small enough to fit into her bedroom along with the desk. However, the mechanism was worn out and the chair would no longer hold its position – gone.

The sofa corner: gotten 25 years ago “for just a few years” whilst the boys were growing – we had every intention of replacing it well before now, but somehow that never happened. It was used as a scratching board by all three cats and now that we are a cat-free household, it is time to find something new. O.K. so there are five more elements to go, but at least it is a start!

The garden chair: suffered a broken arm during one of the many parties that this house has seen, was it during one of mine? Highly doubtful, more likely one of the son’s wilder do’s… in any case time to eliminate it so that it doesn’t hurt another guest. We think more of them than that.

The large wooden box: a separate story, which would take more room than I have on this blog: let it simply be said that son #2 procured it for me – made to order – to encase our favorite painting… and then was never used as it wouldn’t fit into the car that transported said painting to the Island of Poel in Northern Germany. The box may not have been used, but D-L and I got two trips out of the fetching of the painting then returning for research on her 9th novel “Murder in Poel” which is slated to be published next year. Check out her website: http://www.donnalanenelson.com/

It wasn’t much to put out compared to all the other items needing sorting after 32 years in the same house, but it felt good to at least get that much done.