Monday, August 5, 2013

Enough already!

I truly thought that perhaps this household’s woes were behind us – think again.

I had had tooth problems last fall, which led to nerve problems, which a fall on my head (black ice) solved. Then we had other things, but the tooth was quiet.

That is until about a week or ten days ago when it started aching again.

Managed to ignore it as was in the midst of other much more entertaining events (as well as the more serious ones: house mate’s fall and operation). Friday night though I noticed that the filling had a hole in it, then Saturday that there was a slight crack in between filling and tooth, then last night that I could actually take the filling out (I didn’t as figured things were already bad enough).

This morning as I had to go into town I dropped by my dentist’s office who, of course, was on vacation. I debated returning home and calling her number to get her replacement, then thought: no, I’m here; I’ll go to the dental emergency office.

Explained the problem and was lucky enough to be able to wait (only 5 minutes) before someone was free: one of those doctors who – again – seemed to just be out of kinder garden. So yes the filling could come out, but the reason it could, was that the tooth was broken in half. Didn’t take them long to convince me that it needed to come out, I was there, they were ready.

So, other than those baby teeth (ever so cute) I have lost my first “real” tooth at the ripe old age of 65.  That isn’t much of a problem as it doesn’t need replacing (I’ll get a second opinion though when my dentist returns), but there was an infection so I am on antibiotics for 7 days too…

The true downside: no hot drinks for 2 days (my coffee, my coffee) nor rinsing of mouth etc. Also will now worry about the other three molars, which also have fillings (it turns out that the mercury in the fillings expands over time and we are talking about fillings that are at least 40 years old!). Am a chicken so took pain killers after I had my two yogurts and apple sauce for lunch to create a lining for the antibiotics and currently have minimal pain (but I was the one who had no pain after my wisdom teeth were removed), but discomfort and the shock are not a good way to start the week – a true Monday.

Ah, but tomorrow's another day and if the good things never last, neither do the bad!
So bye-bye molar, hello no pain. Should have kept the mercury to make a thermometer.