Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three little words…

Not the ones that automatically come to mind either.

A couple of days ago a friend posted this to her Facebook page:
There are 3 little words that can just melt my heart when saying goodbye to my kids. Today was no exception. Just as we entered the school grounds and headed to the gate I heard a voice say, ‘This is good.’ “

I had, of course, been expecting – especially when it comes to family – the more classic “I love you”, but as I got to thinking about it – these three are even better in many ways.

You wake up in the morning to sunshine: this is good.

Your coffee or tea is just how you like it and your breakfast goes without a hitch: this is good.

You start off to work (or any other task) by whatever method of transportation and the car engine turns over on the first try, the bus arrives on time, the train or plane as well: this is good.

Your day goes smoothly, be it at work, or at errands: this is good.

You meet friends, your boss, a possible employer, one of your children, your spouse, or any other person you like, for lunch: this is good.

You finish your tasks for the day on time, or even a little ahead of schedule, the return home goes smoothly with no major traffic jams, long stop lights or rain (if on foot): this is good.

You have a great meal in mind for home, or you’re invited to friends, or you’re on your own but have a favorite treat: this is good.

You watch your favorite program, start a new DVD, finish a good book and get to bed on time: this is good.

Then there are the special events in one’s life: a wedding, the birth of a child or grandchild, a visit to family or far-away friends: this is good.

Even the negative: recovering from surgery, healing a disease, finding the right medication to ease pain: this is good.

Almost even better than “I love you” although I’ll happily say that to many of those in my life, “this is good” is truly wonderful!

May my friend’s children continue to say it many times – and may I remember these three words for even the mundane acts: the dishwasher is done and the dishes clean – this is good!

Thanks Susie.